Vacuum Sealer Bags for Pro 2100 & Pro 2300
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100 bags per case.

These Heavy Duty bags are designed to be used on virtually all external clamp style vacuum sealing machines. These new, innovative bags have a layer of polyethylene mesh sealed into the entire length of the bag which is specially designed to be a channel that draws the air out of the bag. Keeps food fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods! Protect your foods from freezer burn! Your food will taste as fresh as the day you packed it! Vacuum Seal your items for convenient Storage or Travel! Clear Material construction allows you to easily identify your foods. Bags can also be trimmed to size and custom sealed to fit you needs. Can be boiled in water for thawing & cooking. Microwave Safe.

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Vacuum Sealer Bags for Pro 2100 & Pro 2300

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