Burger Patty and Jerky Machine
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Use this grinder attachment to make burgers, jerky and snack sticks for your family and friends. Unit attaches to any #5, #8, #12, #22, or #32 Stainless steel grinder. Makes 1/2 inch x 4 inch patties, 3/16 inch x 13/16 inch jerky strips or 1/2 inch diameter snack sticks. Thread the wax paper onto the chute, push meat thru the grinder head and as the meat extrudes, it moves the meat and the paper down the chute. This all metal unit comes with 1 roll of paper, three plates, meat shears and a 16 inch chute. Instructions are included with unit.

  • Item #: SJ0105

Burger Patty and Jerky Machine

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