30 lb Country StyleSmokehouse
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Our original rooftop design is made to create a larger interior area which allows you to hang larger hams, more sausage and bigger bologna. The removable top makes loading and unloading easier and allows for faster cleanups than traditional front loading smokehouses. The Country Smoker has capacity for 10 shelves and an extra bracket for hanging meats. The smoker has a food grade, stainless steel interior that won’t rust and has a textured aluminum exterior. The smoker comes with 3 wooden dowels, 4 chrome plated shelves, a sawdust pan, baby dial thermometer, removable shelving brackets and a stainless steel drip guard. Smoker uses 110V power, uses 1000 Watts and has an optional opening for steam generation. Smoker dimensions are18-1/2" W. x 17-1/4" D x 31-1/2" H. Base dimensions are 18-1/2" W x 19- 3/4" X 9-3/4" H (with legs), 2-3/4" H. (without legs). Roof dimensions are 22-1/2" W x 18-1/4" D. x 9-1/2" H (without chimney), 14" H (with chimney).

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30 lb Country StyleSmokehouse

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